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Work In Progress: Solutions

Possible Place is adding Solutions: a page to see all the details of a climate solution implemented in your city.

Possible Place has a lot of directions it could take early on. The vision is broad, but I'm deliberate about building simple and validating fast. A "Soultions Page" is a clear next step because it will make validation much simpler. The hypothesis is that users will engage with a solution on Possible Place because they care about the issue and it's hard to find a clear overview of the solution's status anywhere else.

A solutions page would take a climate solution, such as bike lanes for the problem of transportation emissions, and it would expand on all the details of bike lane implementation in your city. Some sections include:

  • Implementation Amount: How many bike lanes exist
  • Policies: What policies are upcoming around bike lanes, and what policies already passed
  • Actions: Ways to increase implementation of bike lanes
  • Go Deeper:
    • Organizations working on this solution
    • News
    • Other cities comparison

My reasons for building Solutions first are personal and observational. Since I've moved to NYC in 2020, I've found it difficult to find a clear picture of everything that's happening on the sustainability front. There are many department websites, and various organizations, but no one place to go to find information. I can go to the NYC Sanitation website to find compost locations, but I can't find information about bike lanes there. Which one is more important for sustainability? How do I remember which site has bike lane info and which one has compost info? How do I stay up to date on these issues?

Secondly, when talking to people about Possible Place, I notice it 'clicks' when I discuss a specific issue they really care about in the city, such as bike lanes. Building a Solutions page will hopefully draw people who are interested in that issue to engage in Possible Place, help them get involved in that issue, and provide valuable feedback on how to make the page better. I can share the page on specific forums where people are truly passionate about that issue.

I will try to follow up on this blog post after I've built and tested the Solutions page to see if my hypothesis was correct. If you have thoughts on Possible Place or the Solutions page, message me on Twitter, and I would love for your input in this survey.